solo exhibition

Solo exhibition of landscape and portrait photography with a feminine aesthetic.



July 1 through August 30, 2016 with an Opening Reception on Friday July 1

The Lightwell Gallery at The Aurora, 110 Campbell Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24011



November 5 through December 30, 2015

Montgomery Museum and Lewis Miller Regional Art Center, Christiansburg, Virginia

Wild, uninhabited places have always enthralled me. Many have left their mark on me; memories of first light dramatically falling on massive, remote dunes; the eery groaning and popping of an Antarctic glacier; the gentle drip, drip, drip of a cold mist collecting and falling from trees.  The Feminine Landscape is a visual exploration of my personal experience of place.  As a fine art landscape photographer, I seek out lands that I can connect with; lands that speak to some part of who I am, that have something to show me or teach me.  I am drawn to subtle, muted color, simple, Zen-like scenes, and I adore the softness and mystery that fog can impart on a place. 

But my images and stories aren’t limited to the landscape alone, nor are they limited to standard expressions of femininity.  An ongoing element of my work explores the connection between women and nature.  By including figures, I can tell a story or explore a feeling as well as allow people to more easily relate to these lands I love. The series of mostly self-portraits tells of my place in the landscapes I travel to; of the wonder, the scale, and the experience of being there.  Because the figure usually looks away from the camera and at the land (since it is this relationship I am exploring), there is an inherent universality. The figure could be any woman.  I look for themes of solitude and isolation, shelter and sanctuary, peace, connection, freedom, exhilaration and wonder, as well as less common expressions of femininity such as adventurousness, daring, curiosity, and boldness.

Literally, The Feminine Landscape has taken me to the ends of the earth, and has helped me to rediscover and express long-neglected parts of who I am.  The Feminine Landscape is my passport to adventure and my tool for self-discovery. It is a journey that is personal, but one that I am excited to share with you.